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Introducing Artisma, American contemporary artist from the budding city of Kansas City, Missouri. His artistic journey began in the most humble of settings, where he painted on the floor, in the small corner of his room. From those modest beginnings, he has swiftly ascended to awe-inspiring heights, breaking boundaries within his realm of art.

At the core of Artisma’s artistic vision lies the profound exploration of transformation and metamorphosis, symbolized by the butterfly. This motif holds a deeply personal significance for the artist. His mother passed away from Lupus in 2016. The autoimmune disorder is represented by the butterfly. A poignant reminder of his mother's strength and resilience, this symbol now serves as the driving force behind Artisma’s creations.

Artisma weaves threads of symbolism into his artistry, infusing each piece with contemplation of the natural world and our ever-evolving environment. The fragility of the butterfly becomes a metaphorical lens to tackle pressing global issues, prompting viewers to introspect and engage in transformative dialogues about our reality.

Recognized and celebrated on a global scale, Artisma’s visionary work has garnered prestigious accolades and captured the attention of renowned institutions and luxury brands. He has been distinguished with an appearance on the esteemed Forbes Digital Assets, for his groundbreaking creation of Reddit Collectible Avatars. Collaborating with industry giants such as Sony, BOSE, Oribe, Universe, Starburst, and numerous other coveted brands, Artisma’s art has transcended traditional boundaries and become a coveted symbol of sophistication.

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Reaching audiences beyond the confines of the art world, Artisma’s artwork has graced the screen on BET's Twenties After Show, captivating audiences with their profound beauty and thought-provoking narratives. This exposure has only heightened the allure surrounding Artisma and his journey to ascend the ladder of artistic legends.

Fueling his creative fire, Artisma draws inspiration from many cultural icons, with the likes of Kanye West, Virgil Abloh, and Daniel Arsham serving as his inspirations. As he pursues greatness with determination, he aims not only to craft art that pleases the senses but to etch his name among the artistic greats of our time.

Journey into the world of Artisma, where his coveted art transports you to a realm of profound introspection, captivating beauty, and a deep reverence for the natural wonders that surround us.

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